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OBIEE Reset OC4J Admin password

Didnít I read about this in several other blogs you might ask. Well you are right there. It probably started with the guys from carpe diem: http://carpediemconsulting.wordpress.com/2008/03/16/resetting-the-oc4j-password-in-obiee/ And since all the others copied there article from them nobody noticed they didnít clear the security cache. Here is the version from the original documentation:

  • Stop OC4J and the Application Server Control.

  • Enter the following command in the Oracle home of the application server instance:

    (UNIX) ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl stopproc ias-component=OC4J
    (Windows) ORACLE_HOME\opmn\bin\opmnctl stopproc ias-component=OC4J 
  • Locate and open the following file in a text editor:

  • Locate the line that defines the credentials property for the oc4jadmin user.

    The following example shows the section of system-jazn-data.xml with the encrypted credentials entry in boldface type:

                <display-name>OC4J Administrator</display-name>
                <description>OC4J Administrator</description>
  • Replace the existing encrypted password with the new password.

    Be sure to prefix the password with an exclamation point (!). For example:


    The password for the oc4jadmin user should conform to following guidelines:

    • Must contain at least five characters, but not more than 30 characters.

    • Must begin with an alphabetic character. It cannot begin with a number, the underscore (_), the dollar sign ($), or the number sign (#).

    • At least one of the characters must be a number.

    • Can contain only the following characters; numbers, letters, and the following special characters: US dollar sign ($), number sign (#), or underscore (_).

    • Cannot contain any Oracle reserved words, such as VARCHAR.


  • Delete cached password data by deleting the contents of the following directory:

  • Start OC4J and the Application Server Control.

    After the restart, the Application Server Control will use your new Administrator (oc4jadmin) password, which will be stored in encrypted format within the system-jazn-data.xml file.

    Till Next Time

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