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SoapUI usage and integration within a CI environment part II

Best practices / lessons learned

This section is organized in the following main parts, which are discussed one by one in more detail within the remainder of this article:

1. Tips for an optimized SoapUI configuration when using a CM (configuration management) system

2. Tips for creating SoapUI TestCases

3. Tips for setting up the SoapUI Testrunner script

4. Tips for configuring SoapUI within Hudson (CI environment)

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SoapUI usage and integration within a CI environment Part I

SoapUI usage and integration within a CI environment Part I: an enumeration of best practices and lessons learned.

The focus on this article is not to summarize the known features and functionality of SoapUI, but instead focus on lessons learned and best practices which are gathered during extensive usage of SoapUI within a webservices project.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and webservices are becoming more and more popular in many IT projects. Exposing your business logic component as a webservice is as simple as adding a few metadata annotations.

Before making webservices available to the public, you need to make sure they function as designed. The common way to do this is by writing functional tests for your webservices. Another reason for writing functional tests is regression, e.g. ‘is everything still working as before?’. If well-designed, all tests should continue to be successful when nothing in the entire domain has been changed and detect impacting changes by indicating non-successful results.

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