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OBIEE Identifying the server


If you are working in a "Development Street" like environment, (separate Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production machines), most of the time the data on these machines will not be the same. In most organizations the refresh rate for the production system is higher then on the other systems. On most development and test system you usually only have a subset of the production data. Problems can arise when during the development process you create “hard copies” of your reports (paper/pdf etc). These tend to start roaming trough the organization, and when they accidently land on a managers desk he/she might misinterpret the data.

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OBIEE Hidding dashboard sections

When you make a dashboard you don’t want to show the same reports to each (group of) user (s). To accomplish this there are two strategies: Create a unique dashboard for each group, which can be very labor and maintenance intensive.

Or you can make parts of the dashboard visible based on the group the user belong to.

First we have to make a report that will return at least a row if a user belongs to a specific group and no rows if the user isn’t a member.

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OBIEE children of the level

Converting rows to strings

1 Preface

Consider the following table:


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OBIEE Configuring the scheduler on Windows2003/Oracle

As with many configurations on OBIEE, it’s in the documentation only distributed on many PDF’s. Here is how install the OBIEE scheduler on Windows2003 and an Oracle DB. Basiicly you have to go trough 5 steps:

1. Create the DB User and Tables

2. Check the instanceconfig.

3. Add the Scheduler Administrator to the credential store

4. Configure the Job Manager

5. Run A test


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OBIEE Setting up usage tracking

OBIEE has a very good usage tracking system, with low resource costs. Here is how you set up the Oracle variant.

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OBIEE Continues Date Time Line redux

Remeber this entry: http://knowledge.ciber.nl/weblog/?p=93.

Well they fixed it in OBIEE Yes OBIEE finanally has a date time aware grahtype. No more:



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