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OBIEE Making a column selector in a prompt

On of our customers has a very wide table containing 50+ ’settings’ columns and four ‘result’ columns. For there report they only use one of the setting columns, but they wanted total freedom to select this column (1 of 50+).
A normal prompt for this report would take up a very large portion of the screen and was found very unpractical / unaesthetic.
Here is how we solved this, based on the ‘PAINT’ example:


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Ciber on J-Spring 2008

The annual spring conference of the Dutch Java User Group (http://www.nljug.org) was coming up again. Around 1100 enthusiastic java users gathered on the 16th of April in Bussum to see 36 different presentations about subjects such as Wicket, OpenLaszo, OSGi and Groovy and Grails. As Ciber is a partner of the NL Jug, we where present as always.

The ciber van

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