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The Role of the Enterprise Service Bus

This was a presentation given by Mark Richards and describes the role of an ESB and particularly what it provides. It is an old presentation (23 oct 2006) but still very true, in the fact that there are still a lot of different definitions of an ESB within the world. This is a short recap of this presentation.

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Empty elements in XML: much ado about nothing..

Most XML tutorials will explicitly mention that empty elements in XML are allowed. And then surprisingly little of them will tell you what they are for. On a superficial view, empty elements are a concept to trivial to discuss. But now that many vendors support XML based integration with their products, you may be in for a surprise or two.

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TIBCO Partner Event 2008

Verslag TIBCO Partner Event 2008 (Rotterdam, 09-10-2008)


- Sander

- Rob

- Rubén

- Jan

Ochtend sessie:
Nigel Moody (general manager Benelux) drukte nog even op het hart dat er al 5 jaar geruchten zijn over een mogelijke overname door een grote partij. Maar dat Tibco geen plannen heeft in die richting en ook dat de eigenaar/grootaandeelhouder (Vivek) de komende jaren onafhankelijk wil blijven.
Geruststellende woorden misschien (of niet), of zoals iemand anders in de zaal al op merkte
“Trust me I’m sales”

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